A collection of random things that happened today…

Our swanky new ice machine

We woke up and discovered that the beloved and much used ice machine had broken. We use it every day. Life is not worth living without a nice machine. So we had to procure a new ice machine today. At least I did not spend the day trying to talk some septic guy into coming here in the snow to pump out our overflowing septic system.

My mother bought an outfit for me at my favourite clothing store – Suzanne Bell’s.  I did not particularly like it although it was purple, my favourite colour. Of course I found a bunch of clothes that I just had to had. We had a good time there. They all have great senses of humour and we laughed like crazy.

Then we tried Canadian Tire and Wal-mart for ice machines – no go. We did, however, discover that Wal-mart sells sushi. Who knew. It was pretty good too.

Our next stop was Home Outfitters. We knew they had ice machines there and we were not disappointed. It was, however, the last one. We didn’t get a box and we didn’t care. We also found tons of stuff. There was an $800 stock pot! I could not believe that it would be possible to pay that much for a stock pot! Anyways we let with our ice machine, a new cuisanart griddle/grill, a new Le Creuset frying pan, and some other stuff that is escaping my memory at the moment.

We then stopped at the bank and we went to London Drugs. I needed to get a 1 tb drive to act as a network drive for backing up files etc. I also got a really good deal on iTunes cards – the $50 cards were $10 off. At Deb’s suggestion I bought 5 and ended up getting one free!. This will be great for my new Apple TV! Then we made it home, finally.

Not sure where the day went. It might help if we got up before noon! All together it was a productive day full of retail therapy.

On a good note today the hip pain that has plaguing me for days has mostly gone away. What a relief to be able to walk and stand mostly pain-free.

I must add a bit of a rant though. What is with all of these specialized parking spots? There are disabled spots – which I totally get. Small car spots also make some sense. But today at the Canadian Tire I saw a spot for  a fuel-efficient spot. There was a Toyota Corolla parked in it. Is any 4-cylinder car considered fuel-efficient? I would think it should have been reserved for a Smart Car or a hybrid. Then when we went to Home Outfitters there were spots for parents with strollers. What is it with the proliferation of specialized criteria for parking spots?


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