Me at Thanksgiving Dinner

I went into London Drugs today (the one on Hastings* – this may become important later) to buy their brand of pseudoephedrine. I use this because one of the other meds I take, Trazodone, makes my very congested and this is the only OTC med that takes care of it. I asked for 3 bottles** and for some reason this set off some big pharmacists alert. Apparently all OTC drugs are sold at the pharmacist’s discretion. I was advised that this medication would be banned for Olympic Athletes. I feigned interest and decide not to make some snarky comment about me being banned from figure skating because I was congested.

Then they told me that this drug was used in the making of crystal meth. I’m thinking: “Do I look like a meth cooker?” Seriously folks. I am a 40-something Executive Director. My only addictions are dogs, music and egg nog (until it runs out). I do not do illicit drugs. I was dressed in a black dress pants, a nice blouse, brown merrels and I had my brown Roots bag.

I continue standing there as the pharmacy techs run back and forth to the pharmacist. Then one of them says: “You know this medication will make your high blood pressure even higher.” I responded with a terse: “I do not have high blood pressure.” Of all the comments this was the one that pissed me off the most. Basically, because I am fat there is the assumption that I must have high blood pressure. Very fucking annoying.

Finally, the pharmacist peeked over top of the barrier to look at me. All of a sudden it was no problem. Thankfully saner heads prevailed. I got my pseudoephedrine and all was fine. I am surprised that I did not have to sign a binding contract stating that I will only take it for nasal congestion.

*I have never been hassled like this before when buying pseudoephedrine. Of course I usually do it in Maple Ridge.
**I buy three bottles at time because they don’t always have it . and I hate to be without it. Plus I like to maximize my trips to the pharmacy.
***I am too tired to proof read this today. So if there are any errors oh well, too bad so sad.


4 thoughts on “Do I look like a meth cook???

  1. I actually worry that someday I’m going to be buying cold meds and I’ll look gross and have really bad acne at the time and the pharmacist is gonna mistake the zits for those facial sores meth addicts get. It could happen.

    Sorry about that figure skating career.

  2. Good God.

    I am overweight too and my blood pressure is either normal or low normal, yet I have had assumptions made about this, too. It really is fucking annoying.

    Well, I know this was a tick-off, but at least these people are being somewhat diligent.

    1. It is annoying for sure. I also have people assume I have high cholesterol when, in fact, mine is low. There is also that assumption that it is ok to say these things to fat people because obviously, we are completely unaware of our own conditions!

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