I have made some observations about traffic here in Metro Vancouver. After all I commute to Vancouver from Maple Ridge 4 days a week. Right now, my commute is one big construction zone. It is a little better since the new Pitt River bridge was finished. The traffic is annoying but it has nothing on the assholes who inhabit our roads.

So today, I merge on to the highway, stuck behind a fucking big truck. I hate it when they are in front of e as it makes merging very difficult. I merged and waited to get over, finally there was an opportunity so I moved over. This SUV, which had been quite a way back, accelerated and came up on my back-end and laid on the horn. Then, after a bit, the driver pulled out and passed me, giving me the finger. Here is the thing, if you are going to accelerate as a way to try to prevent someone to change lanes – you are an asshole.

Then, on the Maryhill Bypass on my way home there was a car that was zipping in and out of the lanes trying to get ahead. After about 7 lane changes he was 2 car lengths ahead of me. Woo hoo! I bet he felt like a ‘big’ man! I say – you are an asshole!

I was heading down 224th tonight, finally getting to go home. I am doing 60 km, the limit is 50 km and some (you guessed it) asshole passed me on a double solid yellow line? Seriously? WTF?

This last incident is not traffic related. It involved me crossing in a parking lot. I had just parked my car and got out. I started looking to go across and this car stops quite quickly. I actually thought she was going to go through so I waited. As I crossed in front of her she yelled out to me “you’re welcome” very sarcastically. Now, correct me if I am wrong, don’t pedestrians have the right of way in a parking lot? When was it decreed that pedestrians had to thank drivers for stopping?

Never a dull moment on our roads! I wonder what it is going to be like during the Olympics!


4 thoughts on “Rant – The Traffic Edition

    1. Sadly, I have to go to work. They are not closing our street and hopefully it won’t affect us too much. It is going to suck though.

  1. I NEVER thank drivers for obeying traffic laws when I have right of way. They’re not doing me a favour, it’s their OBLIGATION. A thank you for doing what you’re legally required to do seems a bit stupid to me too.

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