As of January 1st it became illegal to talk on the phone while driving. So, like a good little dooby we went out last week to buy bluetooth devices for our iPhones. We also needed them because we talk to each other a lot. With our iPhone plans we can talk to each other and not burn the day time minutes. I can’t talk on the phone and work as it hurts my neck. I won’t need it in the car once I get the bluetooth module installed on my new Kenwood GPS* unit.

Anyway, back to the bluetooth units. We went to Bestbuy to pick out our bluetooth units. Deb scored with the Plantronics Voyageur – it fit and worked well for her. She looks totally plugged in walking around with it on. I, however, was not so lucky. I would have bought the Voyageur except they did not have any more. The only reasonable I could see was the Jawbone. The first one they pulled out wouldn’t charge. So they grabbed another one. Then they tried to pair it but apparently the Jawbone needs to be completely charged before it can be paired. I took it home to charge it. Pairing it was very easy. I was able to make it work and it was ok comfort-wise. I used it on Monday with no problems. Tuesday I tried to use but it was dead. I charged it overnight and then it wouldn’t work at all.

I took it back. Best buy still had a paltry selection of bluetooth devices. I had decided I would wait when another one caught my – the Blue Ant. I didn’t have to wait around for them to pair it. In hindsight, I wish I had waited because the packaging to get into this thing was a nightmare. It was like it was hermetically sealed. I finally freed it from its packaging and I was quite surprised by its design. It was quite comfortable and much more comfortable than the Jawbone. It charged and paired and seems to work well. I sure hope it continues but I have saved all the packaging just in case.

One has to wonder about the efficacy of this law. A lot of the studies have indicated that hands-free are not any safer than using the phone itself. Clearly the Provincial government has nothing else better to do. I wouldn’t doubt they have shares in the company that makes bluetooth devices so they can reap the rewards.

*You can read the stereo saga here.


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