Since I became sick back in November I have had difficulties eating. At first I attributed it to the flu that I had. However, things have not changed much since October. Many of the foods I enjoyed before I no longer like. I used to love eggs, I ate them almost everyday and I can’t stand them now. I used to eat bacon on the weekends, doesn’t do a thing for me.

I am really not sure what has caused this to happen. My colitis is bad but it has been worse before. I can’t seem to any meat other than chicken. I ate 1/2 a pork chop yesterday night and it was too rich. I used to have no problems with pork prior to getting sick. Same with beef. I am afraid to eat it because it will most likely mae me sick. My diet has been limited to soup, little appetizer things and ensure.

My fear is that I don’t have colitis but rather that it is Chron’s disease. I am seeing my new gastroenterologist later January. Hopefully I will get some answers. However, I will likely just get an appointment for another scope.


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