Since switching to the Mac back in September 2009, I have missed my favourite game: Colonization. I have always loved playing Civilization and Colonization. I had the original Civilization released for the Mac many years ago. For some reason, I always loved that game. Unfortunately, as Windows releases continued, it became increasingly harder to play this DOS-based game. So when they finally re-released Colonization for the PC I was thrilled! This game is exactly what it sounds like – you colonize the new world. Playing one of the major powers of the time (British, Spanish, French or Dutch) you colonize North and South America. It is really not politically correct but I try to ignore that fact!

I could still play the PC version on my Mac because I have Parallels and Vista set up but it just did not work as well. I could not seem to get the full screen version and it was a little slow. I had given up playing it. Until last night that is – when I searched and found out it had been released for the Mac! I immediately bought it and downloaded. It is great and I am back in gaming heaven!


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