We always note the ‘firsts’ of all the rescue dogs who come into our lives. Days like their first Christmas or the first Thanksgiving, where they get to eat turkey, are very important. We spoil them rotten. We like to think they are getting something they never had in their previous lives. Now, we could be totally wrong but we do it anyway.

Today was Zoe’s first taste of ice cream. She came too late for the summer Dairy Queen ice cream cones. In the summer we will go and get ice cream for us and bring back two large cones for the dogs to share. It is hilarious! Keifer tries to take the entire thing in his mouth because he can. Clio is an absolute little shark when it comes to ice cream. While others gently lick (Piper and Molly) Clio will try to grab big hunks of the ice cream or the cone. Kirby is pretty good and Madison acts like we are trying to poison her (what else is new).

We get such pleasure when our dogs display outward signs of happiness. It is wonderful to pet Zoe because she makes ‘happy shihtzu noises’ as soon as you reach down to pet her. I know these noises are the result of her pushed in little face but she is so interactive it is easy to believe that she is making those noises for you in appreciation.

Zoe is just about done with her firsts now. She has had pizza, roast beef, ham and chicken. Now she has had ice cream too. She has been here for her first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now I just hope for lots of repeats!

Zoe flaked out and in need of grooming!

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