Cuisinart Grill

On Boxing Day, when Deb and I were madly trying to find a new ice machine we also bought a Cuisinart Grill*. It was on sale at Home Outfitters in Coquitlam. One side is a grill and the other is a griddle. Both work very well.

Silver Dollar Pancakes

The next day I made pancakes on it with the recipe from Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It was a basic recipe and it was way better than the mixes. We all like ‘silver dollar’ pancakes so that you maximize the edges! The surface is quite large although it is hard to see from this picture.

Zucchini on the grill

Later that day, I needed to grill vegetables for a lasagna. I have always been frustrated using grills as the surfaces are small and it seems to take forever to grill veggies. Definitely not the case with the Cuisinart Grill! There is tons of room on it as you can see from the picture. The control setting is done in low, medium, high and sear. Sear was a great setting to start on and then I turned it down as they cooked.

Grilled Eggplant

I also grilled eggplant but I had finished grilling them before Deb got out the camera. We also grilled 3 kinds of peppers for the lasagna too!

*In the interests of disclosure – I have no affiliation with Cuisinart and was not paid to write this blog entry.


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