As promised here is my post on my latest iPod playlist. I now have my new stereo installed in my car which allows me to listen to my iPod directly rather than through an FM transmitter cord. With the addition of the CBC at 88.1 last year, the numbers of stations on the dial was reduced for iPods. It was becoming increasingly difficult finding a station that was not full of static or commercial stations bleeding through.

I have not figured out an easy way to create this graphic. I thought Fireworks would work but it didn’t work as I thought it would. I ended up doing it in PowerPoint. If anyone has any ideas for good graphic editing software please let me know. Anyway, the graphic is small but you can make it bigger.

My iPod Playlist

As you can see, I have very diverse tastes in music. This playlist is typical of what I listen to on a regular basis. Certain artists stand out for me. I highly recommend Richard Shindell if you like folk music. He is a brilliant songwriter and an accomplished guitarist. Lucy Kaplansky sings back up on most of Shindell’s albums. She is a solo artist as well but I like her better when she is singing backup for Richard.

Tori Amos is another artist I love. I first heard her in graduate school and her “Little Earthquakes” and “Under the Pink” album got me through. I have continued to listen to her music since. I usually only like a couple of songs on her albums. At times her music is brilliant.

I absolutely love Sinead O’Connor. I think her music is amazing. Her reggae album “Throw Down Your Arms” demonstrates her ability to cross genres. The other song on this playlist “Whomsoever Dwells” on her “Theology” album is an example of her relationship with her religious beliefs. The whole CD is religious songs done in different sessions.

I am also really liking the Glee songs. My currents favourites are “Don’t Stand so Close to Me”/”Young Girl” mashup and “You’re Having my Baby.” I love what this show is doing for music – introducing some classic pop music to a new generation.

Music has always been an important part of my life. I can remember the role of music in my life from a young child. It didn’t matter what it was as long as it had lyrics and I could sing along. In my teens music was what got me through. Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp and Queen spoke to me. When I was a teenager I thought I would eventually tire of listening to loud music by the time I was 40. I was wrong. I still listen to music loud, especially in my car. Music keeps me sane and gives me focus. I am able to channel negative energy into singing at the top of the lungs and I feel so much better after I am done. I am so pleased that now I can listen to music in my car again!


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