He loves the camera already.

We have a new puppy at Chez Shihtzustaff – Sawyer. He is part French Bulldog and part Boston Terrier. He is a laugh a minute! He has a great personality and is doing well. Deb has been working hard at toilet training him and teaching him some basic obedience.

The other dogs are not all that impressed with the baby. He is bouncy and he likes to jump on their heads which does not go over well. Piper is getting better with him. Sienna is amazing with him – she always is with the babies. Kiefer and Kirby have a serious hate on for him. Every time he goes near them they snarl and bark. Gemma is not impressed. Madison will eventually mother him. Zoe seems to maybe want to play with him but mostly she just barks at him and wags her tail.

In his green outfit

For some reason Deb has decided to dress him up in little outfits. He has several of them now. I think I have lost count! He doesn’t seem to mind being dressed. Personally, I think all the other dogs are laughing at him. In time all of the other dogs will get used to him.

Sawyer at the park.
Sawyer Relaxing

One thing he seems to have mastered already is the art of relaxing and having his belly rubbed. He sleeps quite often on his back with his belly to the air. This position is quite common in our house. Unfortunately I did not have time to find pictures of everyone on their backs so these few will have to do!

Zoe sleeping on her back.
Pomeranian Belly!!!
The Chunk sleeping on her back! She was the master.

3 thoughts on “Sawyer

  1. Deb DOES NOT “dress him up in little outfits”. If he’s cold, I put a shirt on him. He’s small, he has a short coat, he gets cold. His shirts are cute, so what? You want I should put the boy in ugly shirts?

    1. Hmm, you have never wanted to dress any of the other dogs. You say they look silly! How many times have you looked through your progressives, derisively at someone who dresses their dog??? LOL

  2. I also think that it is quite funny that you dress him up! You have some other short coated dogs at your house that I have yet to see in clothing…
    I can’t talk, Toby and Arthur LOVE wearing coats; Toby will wear one in the house if we let him!

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