After a couple of months wait, I see my new gastro doctor tomorrow. I am not hoping for much. I will likely leave with an appointment for yet another colonoscopy. I had one a couple of years ago. I doubt much has changed. My colitis is not as bad right now as it was then in terms of symptoms however the pain level is still very bad on almost a daily basis. There is also some fear that I actually have Chron’s disease as I am still having trouble eating. I also have pain in my stomach although it is not as bad as my colon.

Until I know for sure which disease I have (although they are very similar and differ really only in the areas of the body that are affected) it is hard to know which treatment is appropriate. If I have colitis I would like to have serious discussions about removing my colon. If it is Chron’s then I don’t really know what happens in terms of treatment. Hopefully I will have some answers tomorrow.


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