Buddy and Sissy are 2 of the original SAINTS. The two, very bonded to each other, arrived at SAINTS with very bad skin conditions, stinking to high heaven. The duo, quickly dubbed the ‘icky chis’, became a fixture in front of the fireplace at SAINTS. The laid in separate beds but always side by side. Buddy passed away this week and now Sissy is alone. You can read more of their story here.

This brings up something we deal with often here at Chez Shihtzustaff. Some of our dogs are incredibly bonded to each other and have relationships that are very strong. Madison bonds, eventually, to most of the little dogs.

Mollie and Clio

The little girls also tend to cuddle a lot together. Madison and Kirby have an amazing relationship. They have been together for 10 years. They sleep side by side at night. Piper was quite bonded to Tucker and she visibly grieved for him for a couple of weeks. Quite often we don’t recognize that our dogs form relationships with other dogs.

Gemma, Mollie and Clio

Mollie and Clio are also bonded to each other. They are often seen laying together. Mollie seems to understand that Clio is blind and she does not bark at Clio when she comes into her space. She chases everyone else off unless they are cuddle buddies. Of course that all changes when Mollie has food and the land shark comes out!

Maddie, Clio and Mollie

I sure hope that things get a little better for Sissy quickly. That little dog has had a rough life and now to lose her brother and her best friend she must be devastated. I hope that she is able to bond with another dog at SAINTS who will be her companion.

Piper, Mollie and Clio

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