I had today off and I totally indulged in self-care (except for the unexpected intrusion of my mother wanting tech support). I had an appointment with a counsellor to try to figure out how things could be done differently. I have a lot going on. I need to get a handle on how I deal with mother and some other issues. So we are going to start from the beginning. I think counselling is very helpful and can bring about positive change. I spent my undergrad in counselling but I guess it is time for a tune-up. It can’t hurt!

I also had a massage at a spa. It was awesome. I cannot get to see my usual massage therapist next week (I have an all-day conference in Burnaby on Wednesday) and my shoulders and my upper back was knotted up. I like the spa atmosphere. It is not one of those high-end spas – it is pretty down to earth. Generally I prefer a registered massage therapist as I have medical issues. However I have found that the 3 people I have seen at TAP have been quite skilled. One of the therapists, Quang, is awesome! He is in Vietnam on vacation but will be back in a week. He is able to work my sciatica and hip area without causing me pain which is hard to do.

I was going to do some errands and some shopping afterwards but I decided to just go home and watch tv and continue to relax. It was a very good choice. I was actually able to eat dinner tonight. Eating has been very difficult for several months. This week my solid food has consisted of soup and toast and a McChicken. The gastro doc thinks I may have developed ulcers and has put me back on pariet. It seems to have stopped the nausea and the pain in my stomach. She also changed my main ulcerative colitis med. Apparently it is the same drug but with a different delivery system. I am wary as I have trouble tolerating this drug in generally and she wants me on the full dose. I still don’t have much of an appetite and eating remains difficult. It is so strange that many of the foods that I used to love have no appeal to me anymore. I used live on eggs. I love on eggs. I tried to eat some a couple of weeks ago and I was quite sick from them. I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to try again. I am also completely off of coffee which is bizarre.

After I came home I watched a couple episodes of Six Feet Under and 24. I rented a movie from iTunes – The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. It was mediocre at best. I love Sandra Bullock but this was just schlock. She seems to like to play ‘fish out of water’ roles and while she is good at it she has more acting skill.

My weekend plan is to just do a bit of shopping tomorrow and then I am going into self-care mode for the weekend. Lots of cuddling with dogs, less time on the internet and lots of sleep. I am not sure how eating may go but I will certainly give it some effort. Next week is insanely busy until Thursday. We have our open house and raffle draw on Tuesday and an all-day conference on Wednesday. I am hoping the event will be laptop friendly as I don’t cope well without a computer for the day!


One thought on “Self-Care Day

  1. I’m glad to hear that you are taking care of yourself! I’m a big fan of counselling – I was fortunate enough to be able to see a counsellor for free when I got divorced because I was still a student at UBC and could use Student Counselling Services. My counsellor really helped me through a rough time and I commend anyone who is willing to do the work of going to counselling.

    I’m also a big fan of my RMT!

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