Not much happening today. Lots of TV watching and relaxing going on. I did not make it out but I will tomorrow. I have to work on Monday which really sucks! Two Mondays in a row I will not be a happy camper! It seems like there is one deadline after another that does not allow me to take some of my lieu time off that I built up over the last 2 months. Hopefully I will get a week or so off very soon!

We have been watching 30 Days – a Morgan Spurlock’s (Super-Size Me) show about people and sometimes him living certain ways for 30 days. So far we have watched Morgan and his fiancée (now wife) try to live on minimum wage for a month, Morgan lived on a Navaho reservation and a pro-football player stayed in a wheel chair for a month. The episode where he and his fiancée lived on minimum wage was an excellent commentary on poverty in America. They found themselves literally having to decide to go to the hospital for an injury (or infection) or eating. The arrival of 2 children (niece and nephew) further hampered their finances. The show illustrated how living on minimum wage and working full-time leaves many Americans in poverty. Apparently, the minimum wage has not increased since 1997. Senator Ted Kennedy introduced a bill every year to have it raised and the bills were not passed. Spurlock effectively demonstrates the poverty and disenfranchisement of Aboriginal people living on the reservation. With unemployment at around 60% many people have to leave to support their families. Getting a business going takes a heroic effort. The Navaho had resisted opening a casino but apparently they planned to open one in 2008. If you can watch this show I highly recommend it!


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