Well today is January 31st. I am very happy we are now at the end of the long, desolate month known as January. I hate January for many reasons. It is long and there are no holidays. The weather usually sucks but not this year. It seems like it is a long time to Easter when we get stat holidays again.

I have another reason to celebrate the end of January this year. I participated in NaBloPoMo for November, December and January. I finally made it through a month with a post every day! Now I am pondering doing it for February!


3 thoughts on “Woo hoo!!!

  1. Good for you!

    I am also not a fan of January, but this month seems to have gone quickly for me. But I have had a lot of stuff go on that has been unusual for me.

    I have always like Feb. because it’s short month!

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