NaBloPoMo suggests a blogging theme for each month. In December it was ‘mitzvah’ which means giving. I chose to deviate from the theme as I did not want to post everyday about doing something nice as I thought it would be artificial. February’s theme is ‘ties.’ According to the person who runs NaBloPoMo it can mean blogging about things we are tied to (family, home, job etc) or neck ties or zip ties.

I am tied to a lot of things, some good some bad. Good things are my family here in MR both human and canine. My job is mostly good. Dogs are good. My ties to social media I have begun to notice sometimes cut into my self-care time which is not good.

And now I must go because one thing I am very tied to, our septic is backing up again because of the freaking rain! I have to find someone to come and pump it first thing tomorrow so I can have a shower before I go to work. I hope it either dries up or gets really cold. I wish the rain would stop and that we were not on a septic system. At least I have a roster of three companies I can call who answer their phones late at night and who are flexible.


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