I am liking the new weekend pattern of sleeping late and just relaxing all day. We have been watching TV since about 1 pm. I tried to watch District 9 but it was way too weird. Then some Liam Neeson movie about his wife leaving him for another man and he decides to kill this man. Very, very boring! We watched a couple of episodes of Dirty Jobs it was ok but the guy narrating it tries too hard. Still a fan of Morgan Spurlock’s 30 days. A has just gone to pick up curry for dinner – we have the best curry place ever I think. So it will be curry for dinner and hopefully Couple’s Retreat will not disappoint.


2 thoughts on “Quiet Day

    1. You liked District 9? I thought it was horrible! The messages were certainly pertinent but the way it was filmed made it even harder to watch. Couples Retreat was not that great either. The only good part of that movie was the little boy.

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