Some days you learn lots of things. The last 24* hours have been a day like that.

  • Yesterday one of my nose pads broke off on my new glasses. When I got these glasses about 10 months ago I was not convinced that I need progressives. Without them last night the issue has been settled – I need progressives. Desperately.
  • I find a new reason to love little Zoe almost every day. She is strong, resilient and a survivor. Just like me. She is a little fat, one eye is bigger than the other and she is a little afraid to trust. Just like me.**
  • I love our skookum new garbage can. It has a sensor that opens the lid for you when you pass your hand over it. We are hoping and praying that Kiefer does not figure it out.
  • I really love parts of my job. I especially like it when I get to give a boy a bike.
  • Today my doctor informed me that most of her patients with inflammatory bowel disease*** do not work. It gave me pause for thought.
  • My hemoglobin has crossed into the low-end of normal.
  • My doctor liked a phrase I used today. I was discussing some frustrations I was having with a group of people and I referred to their propensity to engage in ‘revisionist history.’ She asked for an explanation and wrote it down. I’ll bet it was used at home tonight!
  • I need to clean out Piper’s wrinkle everyday! I have never seen anything so that gets so dirty!
  • For some reason the cat only gets mats when I go away. Even if I don’t comb her regularly she does not get matted when I am home. I have no idea why this happens. Does she just stop cleaning herself when I am not here?
  • Ryan Seacrest needs a Masters degree minimum to calm rejected Idol contestants.

*Actually more like 36-48, but I digress.

**Except I am not a little fat…more like a lot.

***Inflammatory bowel disease is the umbrella term that refers to ulcerative colitis and Chrohn’s disease.


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