Oh Google Chrome how I have missed you! Since September 2009 when we switched to Macs I have been using Firefox. There is nothing wrong with Firefox except that it is not Chrome*. I have been using Google Chrome almost since it came out for the pc. I had found that Firefox had become quite slow and clunky in comparison to Chrome on a pc. Once Chrome was released for Mac it did not have the extensions – little applications that make browsers better. I have 3 computers and I like to keep bookmarks synced between them all, at all times. Xmarks, an extension in Firefox does this for the user. There were others that I used like the download status bar and a pdf viewer. I was not willing to go without these things so I stayed with Firefox – until today.

Seeing as I was off work I decided to take the time to switch browsers. For someone like me this can be a daunting task as I have to do it across three computers. It is not just the downloading and installation either. I need to set up all my start pages, download and install all the extensions I want, set up the bookmark sync and finally set up the bank account information. I have noticed that there are many more extensions for Chrome than what I was using in Firefox. Right now I have installed the following Chrome extensions:

  • bookmark sync
  • 1-ClickWeather for Chrome – weather gadget (cause we all know I am a weather freak!)
  • Chromed bird – which allows you to quickly access twitter
  • Downloads shortcut
  • Facebook widget
  • Google calendar notifier
  • Google dictionary
  • Google preview – lets you see at thumbnail of your search items before you go there
  • IE Tab Classic – because you must have an explorer window for downloading from microsoft
  • One Number – a notifier from google that takes care of calendar, gmail and reader.
  • Send from gmail – a widget that makes gmail your default mail program
  • Wikipedia Chromium

I think I have download some additional ones already on my MacBook Pro. Apparently there are 22,000 extensions for Google Chrome!

Now, I am off to figure out why my blog is crashing in Chrome. Must be some incompatibility with wordpress.

*And clearly they have not worked out all the bugs yet because this is the third time I am typing the opening of this blog…it crashed twice in Chrome.


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