I am off this week and I have decided to dedicate it to self-care. In other words, I am not doing anything I don’t want to. I have managed to not check my work email since Saturday. This is a major accomplishment for me as I am rather OCD-like when it comes to email. My stress level has gone way down. I was thinking I would check it on Sunday but now I am thinking I won’t look at it until Monday morning. I put my out of office reply on so everyone knows that I am away. Hopefully nothing serious happens this week.

Archie and Edith at the pig trough

We adopted some guinea pigs a while a go from Katie’s Place. Archie and Edith live in a 10x by 10x coroplast and cube cage. When they came, Archie was pretty social. He was easy to pick up and he liked to cuddle. Edith was not social. She was very afraid and would run to hide as soon as anyone showed interest in them. Slowly, I have been trying to tame Edith. For a long time all I could do was stand there and look at her. Then she started to take food from me. We moved a long to her letting me touch her head. We are now at the point where she will let me pet her even when I don’t have food to offer. I am sure I will be able to pick her up at some point soon. It takes a lot to tame a guinea pig as they are very skiddish and scared. It didn’t help that Zoe jumped into their cage one day…but that is a long story and I digress. I will continue trying to tame Edith so that she knows humans are not going to hurt her.

The dogs are doing fine. Madison is really starting to slow down a lot. Gemma is holding her own with the cancer. Sometimes I look at her and I think they have made a mistake. Her behaviour has stabilized and she likely could be with Zoe now except that Zoe has a very long memory and every chance she gets she is now trying to nail Gemma. You can’t really blame as she was attacked twice for no reason. Zoe is continually coming out of her shell. She is bad to the bone (like all good shihtzus). She plays like a demon. You would never guess that she is 10 years old! Sawyer is growing like crazy. He is so big now that his head won’t fit in Deb’s mouth anymore…no, I am not making this up. You couldn’t make that up if you tried! Molly is going strong at 21 years old. She had a 3-day bout of coughing. Molly gets a cough when the air is too dry and if we don’t stop it pretty quickly it becomes a habit. When she coughs, we massage the area of her spine between the shoulder blades and the base of the head. It works very well. Piper is doing very well. She has this really deep wrinkle on her face that has to be cleaned daily. I swear you could grow stuff in it, it is that deep.

Other news, my car needed 4 new tires. Apparently my wheels were out of alignment and the tread had worn on the inside. I only found out about it because a nail pierced one of my tires and the tire store would not fix it because it was worn and it could have blown on the highway. Anyway, I now have 4 brand new all-weather tires (bring on the snow!!!). Thanks to L for changing the blown tire and taking it up to get new ones! I am now the proud owner of 3 white gold bangles from Deb for Valentine’s Day. They are very shiny and match my white gold sapphire ring. I like shiny things!


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