The other day I noticed that the cat was interested in wet dog food. One of our dogs, Clio, is has always been very thin and we have been trying to see if she could gain some weight eating a high quality kibble and canned. She loves raw but she does not seem to get enough calories from it. Anyway, the cat seemed to want canned food so I bought her some. Within a very short amount of time (a little over a week) the cat has decided that she shall have her minions serve her wet food every evening. She will make my life miserable if I do not comply. So now I have to make sure I have wet cat food in the house or my life will not be worth living.

Clio - You can see how thin she is through her back end
The Cat - Bella

In other pet related news: Edith let me pick her up today. This is a major milestone for that little guinea pig. The last time we had to get her it was traumatic for both her and us. I did not hold her long because I did not want to upset her. She did not seem thrilled, hopefully over time she will like it more.


7 thoughts on “I have created a monster…!

    1. I didn’t know that you had tried Tyler on raw. It works well for everyone else. It is too bad because she certainly loves it! Anything other than chicken gives her diarrhea so any of the higher calorie meats are out of the question. She is also sensitive to any grains so she is eating very high quality with no grain. She still hasn’t gained weight though…

  1. Tyler and Cody ate raw for a few months. Cody was allergic to chicken and Tyler ate so much (think more than 1200 grams of meat a day!) that the cost was prohibitive. Tyler was also skin and bones on raw; he looked just terrible. Now he is healthy, active (sometimes too active!) and has a wonderful coat.

    1. One thing we have learned over the years is that raw is not for all dogs. Some dogs like Clio and Tyler can’t get enough calories and some just don’t like it. Deb spent so much energy trying to get Mackenzie to eat. She would not eat for days and preferred her meat a little more aged than anyone could tolerate. Kirby hates chicken. It seems for us anyway the earlier the dog is started on raw the better it goes. Kiefer, Sienna, Sawyer and Piper will eat anything given to them. Molly, who has no teeth, would rather gnaw at a raw chicken leg than eat canned food. Although we do make sure she gets canned food as she is certainly not getting everything she needs from just the meat as she is unable to eat bone. We do buy her ground raw sometimes. We also now let our primarily raw fed dogs have the odd meal of kibble and canned. They also eat a lot of people food. I believe it is important to mix it up or they get to used to one thing and can’t tolerate something new. This can be deadly in old dogs who get pancreatitis because they got into something fatty. Our dogs would have no problem.

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