The womens’ short program was nothing short of amazing tonight. Joannie Rochette was spectacular in her skate tonight. Even more so given the passing of her mother. She is an amazing athlete to have been able to go out there and skate so well. I am really looking forward to the free skate and I am seriously hoping that Joannie wins gold!

Ashley McIver’s gold ski cross run was fantastic. Many of the skiing and snowboarding events rely on fractions of seconds. The race clearly showed Ashley clearly ahead of her nearest competitors. Congratulations Ashley. I think we officially own the right-hand corner of the podium – the foundation!


One thought on “2010 Olympics Short Program

  1. Canada’s women are doing great, and it annoys me that newscasters the last couple of days seem to be dwellling on “what went wrong” with our declaration to own the podium. I was particularly annoyed when one person said “well there’s still hope with the men’s hockey team” and completely ignored the amazing women’s team who are multi-time champions and had just won the semi finals that day. They play the medal game for gold on Thursday.
    You bet Canadian women own the right hand corner of the podium!

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