The Olympics have been great. I have enjoyed watching some of it – especially the figure skating. However, I have to say that I am getting tired of it now. So many shows that I like are not being broadcasted. I am so thankful for the Apple TV which gives me alternatives.

Speaking of the Apple TV, I had to clear out my hard drive the other day because all of the media for the ATV had filled it. I purchased a new 2TB drive to hold all of my stuff and to back up all of the computers in the house.

In other news, Zoe continues to charm us whilst being completely bad to the bone. She is the cutest dog! Her personality shines through all the time. She is a great little dog!  Sawyer is doing really well too. He is growing like a weed and he will be neutered in a couple of weeks. One of his testicles has not descended. I have read about another dog who is having testicle issues. Sawyer is doing well integrating with the pack. Some of the older dogs, Madison, Clio and Molly can’t stand him. Kiefer isn’t great with him either – hopefully that will improve once Sawyer is neutered. Sometimes neutered dogs don’t like other intact males – it’s a hormone issue. Kirby, Sienna and Piper are really good with Sawyer. Zoe is hysterical with him – she barks and he jumps. Wash, rinse, repeat. It is a very loud game.

Gemma continues to do well. She has gained some more weight and she runs like a demon. She is not showing any signs of cancer except for the odd behavioural issue. She is very interested in food and getting lots of cuddles. Gemma is one of the most beautiful dogs I hae ever seen. Her eyes are deep and soulful.

Gemma Joy with one of her 'babies'
Gemma Joy with one of her 'babies'

Piper is an intensely loyal dog. When I am having a bad day or not feeling well she does not leave my side. She leans against my leg when I am on the computer and she lies on my feet in the reclining chair. She is very comforting to me.


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