I am cute!

Sniff, sniff. Remember our little boy? Sawyer? Well it would appear he has passed into adolescence. Tonight, I caught him with his face firmly implanted in Sienna’s vulva. He was having a good time and she didn’t mind at all.

The Temptress

Meet the ‘The Temptress,’ AKA, Mrs. Robinson. She is just the right height for his head to meet her ass.

Look deep into my eyes Sawyer...

She is a pretty girl. The boy has good taste!

It wasn’t bad enough that he was servicing the pit bull, he then moved on to the pug. Piper, if you remember, used to be serviced by Tucker. So she hasn’t been getting any since he passed away in December of 2009*.

The other 'woman'

After Sawyer was done with Sienna he moved on…to Piper! What did she do? If you’ve being pay attention I am sure you know – she accommodated him. To give him better, shall we say, access, she lifted her rear right leg so that he could get in there a little better. She is still a bit taller than him. This is a bit of a role reversal  for Piper. Most of the time it is her on other dog’s butts as evidenced by the pictures below.

Piper on Sienna
I love Sienna's curled lip!

In fact, sometimes Piper’s sole exercise involves her trying to grab another dog’s tail and the chase that ensures when she is unsuccessful. But I digress.

Clearly the boy has found his parts and all the testosterone filled goodness that goes along with them. Thankfully all of our females dogs are spayed and the ‘little man’ will be going in for the big snip on March 8. The appointment has been booked for weeks and I, for one, am glad the time is quickly approaching. I really don’t like the look of intact male dogs. Intact females bother me too. There are just way too many unwanted dogs in the world to add any more. Please spay and neuter (speuter for short).

Molly would like to go on record stating that she wishes Sawyer would leave her alone. It is not nice to bug an old lady Sawyer.


*We miss you old man.

My fave pic of Tucker

NB: The pictures in this blog were all taken by Sheena (AKA the Food Lady). If you want a great photographer who can show you sides of your dogs you have never seen get in touch with her. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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