Phoning it in today*. I am not feeling very well. I had a very busy day with back-to-back meetings. I felt very unproductive! I must say I am tiring dealing with the same issues over and over in my life. I am not sure why this happens as I am pretty sure I communicate clearly. I may have to look at that a little more closely and see what my role is in the situations.

I have been quite annoyed this week while driving. Besides the parking ticket I got yesterday, I have found my self stuck behind slow-moving cars/trucks on our back way to the Pitt River Bridge. I really don’t like passing people on a 2 lane road but it has to be done because it is just too painful to stay behind them! I would also like to know why people in Maple Ridge and Pitt meadows are breezing through the 3 and 4-way stops. What is that about?

My pain level has been quite bad today. Plus for some reason my stomach started to spasm and really hurt for a couple of hours tonight. I am not a happy camper. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

*To loosely quote Dr. Beth – “I may have committed to blogging every day. I never promised all the content would be great.” Or something like that. There are days I do not have a witty bone in my body or the energy to write a long, well-thought out post. Today is one of those days.


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