• I am watching the Amazing Race. Everyone knows that they give people standard transmission cars why would they not learn how to drive a stick? Besides, unless you can drive a standard you don’t really know how to drive
  • I have figured out how to rip my DVDs into a format that works on Apple TV. Yah for me!
  • I am very annoyed with Mobile Me and iDisk. My iDisk has stopped completely syncing. Of course, this happened right after I bought it thinking it was a great tool. I logged onto support chat and the person helping me actually asked my why I wanted to sync my iDisk! I am now investigating DropBox which I hope will meet my daily syncing needs. I will use iDisk for stuff I don’t use everyday.
  • I am watching this week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU. The show’s portrayl of lesbians, especially the militant one, is outrageous! They show one lesbian not even talking to a man. Why do they have to do this? Most lesbians don’t hate men (in fact we all have men in our lives at some level i.e. fathers, brothers, sons, friends, etc.) Most lesbians do not slavishly follow activists. And now our militant lesbian is having feelings for men because, after all, deep down, we all want a man. I feel a long blog coming on about this one!

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