I have been using Mobile Me to synchronize my computer files between my 3 Macs. When you sign up with Mobile Me you get 20 gigs of storage in the ‘cloud.’ It also allows you to sync all things Mac – like the calendar, contacts, email etc. Everything had been going along fine until things just stopped syncing.

I noticed it first last week when I went to open a file I had created at home and shared to the iDisk. I was surprised to see that it was not there. I found the file when I came home, made sure it was on the iDisk drive and synced again. I also emailed it to myself in case it didn’t sync. When I got to the office the file was not there. On all of my computers, the Finder indicates that the iDisk is not synced.

Note how it says that the iDisk is not synced

I googled the issue and came to this Apple Support page that gives you great instructions about how to get your iDisk to sync. I go through every one of them. I worked through all the steps in the document – still won’t sync. I then chatted with an Apple Rep and we went through some other things like logging out and then logging back in with a fake username and password. I tried the things suggested here and I still cannot get it to work. I feel like I have been spending a whole lot of time trying to figure this out.

Finally, I gave up. I downloaded DropBox where I can get 2gigs for free. I am very pleased to say that it is working and working very well. It also has significantly faster upload speeds. My largest folder was synced completely in about 2 hours. It took much longer to sync to iDisk.

I will keep Mobile Me because it syncs other things that are useful – like the calendar. If I can ever get the iDisk to sync again I will use it more as archive storage. It is too bad iDisk is this temperamental. If you need an online storage system, DropBox wins hands down.

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