I talked to the vet yesterday. He said that the biting at the air is called a complex partial seizure. These seizures are different from full on seizures. The vet does not think there is pain involved because she is not having a full on seizure where her muscles are contracting and she may injure herself. She is still aware of her surroundings and happy to see people. We have not seen any increase in her aggression.

We have not made a decision yet but our criteria revolved around her quality of life and if she is in pain. Her quality of life seems good. It would be better if we did not have to keep her and Zoe separated. We try to make sure that they each get approximately the same amount of time. She seem engaged in life and genuinely happy to interact with us. Her appetite is good and she is not coughing. We have her on metacam as we believe there is pain associated with cancer.

I suspect that we are in a holding pattern again. We will carefully watch her symptoms and behaviour to determine how she is doing on a day-to-day basis. In another couple of weeks, Gemma will have been with us for a year. We knew then that we would likely only have 6 months to a year. We will treasure what time we have with her. We love you Gemma Joy.


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