There are days when I really feel like I am being robbed of my life because of ulcerative colitis. This morning (well, to me it was morning, to others afternoon) and I was looking at facebook. Several of my FB friends had been for a hike or had gone to places like Granville Island – all things normal, healthy people do on a beautiful weekend day. Me? Well, I slept until noon because I was exhausted and woke up in agony from the colitis related events on Thursday. Am I going out today? Not a chance in hell.

Instead I will stay home. I can’t be out in the sun because it makes me sick. It doesn’t matter anyway because I am way too tired to go anywhere. I will quietly do things on my computer for a while and then I will go to the living room to relax. I may watch a movie or I may fall asleep. By the time I feel a bit better and more rested on Monday it will be time to go back to work on Tuesday. It takes a minimum of 3 days for me to recuperate. I did not have that last weekend so this has been a rough week.

There are times I mourn what ulcerative colitis has taken from me. Suffice it to say it is a lot. I have been sick for years and up until 5 years ago I did not have a diagnosis. Thankfully, I know what is wrong now and I do what I can. After 5 years though I do not dream of remission at this point. I just want to not hurt so much and get a little of my life back.


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