I have downloaded two seasons of Canada’s Worst Driver. The premise is that people nominate other people who have horrible driving habits. The ‘drivers’* are then put through a series of challenges testing everything from parking to merging to driving in a straight line. There is a group of experts including a race-car driving psychologist, a driving instructor and an OPP officer. Each week they pick one of the ‘worst’ drivers to graduate based on their performances.

All of the drivers have atrocious habits. One grandmother runs through stop signs, speeds constantly and drinks alcohol but only on her way to bingo! An 18-year old young man has learned from his father that driving scared will keep him safe. When he is going down a road he gets scared and steers rapidly, from side-to-side making the truck look like it is wobbly.

It really makes me wonder how these people get their licenses. These people hit cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. Many of these drivers have had numerous accidents and driving mishaps. It makes me wonder if there should be mandatory driver re-training after a certain number of accidents and/or moving violations. Some of these drivers are just downright scared to drive. One woman cries every time she gets behind the wheel!

The good thing about this show is that it exposes bad driving habits. Many of us who have been driving for a long time do begin to have some bad habits. This show is great at teaching us all some things we may have forgotten or never learned – which is a great thing. The bottom line with Canada’s Worst Drivers is that they should be taken off the road – no questions asked.

*I use the term ‘driver’ loosely.

7 thoughts on “Canada’s Worst Driver

  1. I was driving up Grandview Hwy today and the women in the car behind me was not only talking on her cell phone (not hands-free, but holding the phone up to her ear), but she was crying so hard that she had to constantly wipe her eyes. So, on top of illegally talking on the phone, I have no idea how she could see where she was going ‘cuz she hand her hands in front of her eyes most of the time. If your phone call is so important, pull off the road. Especially if whatever you are talking about is so upsetting that you are bawling! I nominate her for Canada’s Worst Driver!

  2. I enjoy the show quite a bit.

    One thing I notice is that numerous challenges are ones I think many perfectly capable “regular” drivers would find difficult. Some of the skills the Worst Drivers learn (or, as often, don’t), such as proper control of skids and doughnuts and parking-brake turns; negotiation of tight spaces at high and low speeds; and the infamous water-tank challenge to encourage smooth control of acceleration, braking, and steering; would be ones many of us would also fail, at least on the first try.

    It seems that some of the participants actually have spatial-perception problems, but there’s a lot more in the way of terrible habits, denial about needing glasses and other issues, and arrogance. And once I watched Canada’s Worst Driver, I’ve been shocked how much of the same behaviour I see on the streets — and sometimes in myself.

    1. I think I could do some of the challenges ok. I drive standard very well and I have a good idea where my wheels are. I am not so sure I could do the ‘eye of the needle’ challenges. I backup very well now. I used to have a huge issue with it until I had to learn to back my 2000 grande marquis down a ramp and around a corner at the coop. I can back up with no issues now!

    2. Oh yes! I agree that I see myself doing some things too. Or I will do something and immediately think “that was stupid, or dangerous.”

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