In keeping with the Canada’s Best Driver theme, I have to blog about the ‘shopping cart hockey’ challenge. To play this rip-off of our national pass time*, a shopping cart is placed in front of a vehicle (in this case a minivan) and the driver has to ‘stick handle’ the shopping cart at a sufficient enough speed that when you put the brakes on (at a predetermined white line) the shopping cart has enough speed to travel through the goal (provided you aimed well).

Apparently this is harder than it sounds and you really cannot appreciate how difficult it is without seeing it. Shopping carts do not go in a straight line. We have all had experience driving a shopping cart around a store – it is not always easy. Needless to say most of Canada’s Worst Driver candidates could not score a goal in shopping cart hockey if their lives depended on it.

Personally, I thought shopping cart hockey looked like fun and I would love to give it a try sometime. I am not sure I could actually score as I usually have shitty aim. Several of the challenges looked quite interesting. It would be great if someone made these kind of closed-course runs for people possible. It would be great to challenge drivers and help them learn new skills.

*For some people anyway.


One thought on “Shopping Cart Hockey

  1. They may not offer as many amusing challenges, but I think “precision” and “performance” driving courses would benefit a lot of people who never intend to do race or stunt driving. Simply getting experience safely handling a vehicle in more extreme situations helps you not panic in emergencies.

    As a personal example, when I first learned to drive, a good friend of mine took me to an empty parking lot in the snow in his standard-shift Datsun, and I learned to skid and slide around, including doing doughnuts, in a controlled fashion. That’s helped me with my winter driving ever since, because when the traction starts to get iffy, my instincts generally bring things back under control even if the car is slipping sideways or doing other things that might freak out people who aren’t used to it.

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