Poor Zoe. Not only was she a victim in last Tuesday’s incident that made us decide to euthanize Gemma, now she has an abscess on her little head. She had 2 puncture wounds on Tuesday. I was watching them carefully because my thumb infected really badly (and quickly) where Gemma bit me. I was really expecting Zoe’s to also get infected. It all looked fine until this morning.

Last night we had noted that she seemed to have a sore ear. Deb cleaned her ear out and we were watching it. Last night she did not feel well and the skin on her head looked quite pink. This morning it was obvious what was going on – she had a big bump on her head that extended to her ear. The wound had re-opened and it was draining. A quick call to the vet’s office and off we went. They gave her some sedation and a local anesthetic, and drained it. She will be in antibiotics and pain meds for the next week. We will also need to put hot compresses on it.

She should be back to normal in about 48 hours. I am glad it has been dealt with well today. I feel so bad for the little one not only is she the victim but now she has an abscess too. She will get lots of treats with her meds for sure!

*We call her ‘da piggy-huntah’ because her favourite thing to do is to try and get to the guinea pigs.

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