Zoe is a strong little girl! She was pretty much back to her normal, playful self. She wanted to play with her skunk in bed which she hasn’t since Tuesday. She slept really well. Deb did her hot compresses in the night to try to keep the drainage sites open.

Around 2 pm I did the compress and had to get one of the sites open. It was pretty hard to get it open but I had to because there was a lot of fluid caught in it. Slowly, I pressed lightly on her head while Deb fed her dried liver. As she moved her head, while she was eating the liver, the light pressure I put on her head it drained easily. After about 10 minutes enough fluid had come out that I could put a little more pressure on it. I got a lot of stuff out of it.

We did another compress later and only a little stuff came out. It is almost time for her antibiotics and her metacam for pain. She will sleep really well with the metacam on board. When the dogs have metacam they must have some kind of food that does not exit their bellies as quickly as raw does. As a result they often get doggie junk food (canned food) or a cheese sandwich or something similar that will stick. The metacam can be hard on their systems much like NSAIDs can be to us.

Given how good she has been today I would expect a full recovery by tomorrow. The vet said she would be back to normal after 48 hours. We are so relieved that she is doing so much better. She will go back to the vet for a re-check in a couple of days.


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