Time for one those update like posts full of information (possibly TMI). Here goes:

  • My mother is in the hospital. She has been told she has emphysema. Without an external source of oxygen she cannot get to a 100% sat level. I suspect they may discharge her with oxygen. Her pneumonia is resolved now but her breathing is not much better. She has decided to quit smoking, Hands down, that will be the hardest thing she has ever done.
  • I have been a devoted nurse-maid to Zoe for the last couple of days*. We have to make sure that her drainage sites stay open. This involves several hot compresses after which, I put hydrogen peroxide on the drainage sites and let it sit for a while. Then there is lot of massaging and trying to move the accumulated fluid out. Zoe is an amazing dog. She rarely complains about any of this routine. We could not ask for anything more.
  • My ulcerative colitis has been quite bad lately. I am in a full-on flare. Lots of pain, blood and nausea lately. Plus we seem to have added a new symptom – my inability on some days to keep food down.
  • Our house is so changed without Gemma Joy here. No one runs at me full-bore and launches for a cuddle. No dog could cuddle the way Gemmie could. She would launch – which, if you were not paying attention you could get hurt as she weighed over 20 pounds. She loved her belly rubs too. As much as we all miss her, I do have to say that it is better for the other dogs. The stress level has been reduced greatly. The gates are all open now so everyone has free range of the house most of the time. The only times they are closed now is when dogs are eating. When the gates were closed, inevitably there was someone who did not want to be where they were. Not naming any names but her name starts with a ‘C’ and ends with an ‘O.’ (photo below) She has an ability to make everyone crazy by scratching and digging at whatever is in her way.
She has perseverance!
  • Logitech Remote – We bought a remote that I can program to watch TV or watch a DVD or watch Apple TV. All of these things have multiple things that need to happen. For example, to watch tv the following things need to happen: the TV needs to be turned on, the PVR box needs to be on and he TV needs to be set to HDMI1. They say it will take about 30 minutes to set it up. Bull crap I say! We spent the first 30 minutes trying to read the model numbers on all of the devices! Then in the middle of trying to program it yesterday the Logitech site went down. Finally after getting it all up the ‘skip’ button didn’t work for the PVR. For anyone who has a PVR box knows that all powerful skip button that takes you past all of the commercials. The instructions almost made it worse when I was trying to figure it out. Finally I put 2 different pieces together and got it figured out. I have no idea how someone who is not a techie could figure it out. I guess they would be paying the Geek Squad to program it.
  • I am off this week. I love to have a week off at Easter. I can usually combine the statutory holidays with my flex day then I only need 3 days to get a week off. It works well!
  • Another Zoe update – she is well today. Her and Sawyer are playing right now. It is too cute for words. Sawyer is too cute for words.

*With pleasure I must add. We completely adore that little shihthead!


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