I was behind the most horrible driver I have seen in a long time. The guy was driving a Volvo. For the 20 minutes I was behind him, both on some back country roads and the MaryHill Bypass he was atrocious! Here is a list of what I observed

1. Buddy could not stay in his lane on the back roads: He went on to the shoulder, then across the yellow line. This happened about 6 times.

2. We got on to the Pitt River Bridge he went incredibly slow in the right hand lane. As soon as we got off the bridge, he passed me and came into my lane without signaling.

3. He then made 6 or 7 more lane changes without signaling!

4. On some of his lane changes he would speed up to pass someone and then slow down once he changed lanes. These kind of people cause accidents!

I think we should have a bad driver hot line where other drivers can report them.


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