It has been almost a week since Zoe was rushed to the vet with an abscess on her little head. She is doing so much better now. We drained her abscess 4-6 times per day up until Tuesday when it dropped to 2. I did it once on Wednesday. It was done again at the vet’s on that day and we have not had to drain it since. The vet assured us that the fluid coming out was just fluid that can form when there is a pocket. I forget what she called it. The important thing is that it was not puss.

I am constantly amazed by this little dog. She never bit either of us even as we were massaging her head to try to get the fluid to come out. She gave us a few warnings, reminding us to go slow but other than that she was completely compliant. I think she knew our intention was to help her. Sometimes, she would even press into the hot compresses. I think it felt good to her.

Her energy level was almost back to normal the day after the vet drained her abscess. She wanted to play with her toys and run around. Her appetite has been good the whole time. I fear we have created a monster though. She has to have food with her medication and generally raw food is not a good idea with the antibiotics and the metacam. We have been feeding her canned food with these meds as it will hang out in the GI tract for a bit. Canned dog food is like crack to our dogs because they don’t get it very often. She still loves her raw too but she has gotten used to having canned food morning and night with her meds. It will be hard to wean her off!

Check back tomorrow for before and after pics!

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One thought on “Update on our little Trooper

  1. I have a Catahoula, I put his meds in a cheese ball. My son and daughter-in-law, Work with a rescue group, in Canada and the USA, to find homes for these remarkable dogs. I live in Canada. My dog Black Jack, was in a group of dogs, that were trained to hunt wild boars. The idiot who had these dogs, thought if he starved them, they would hunt better. This guy lived in California. Black Jack was so stressed, the hair fell off his face, he had a shoulder injury, that was not vetted, so he has a bad limp. He only weighed 35 pounds, he should have weighed 75 pounds. Poor dog was chained to a tree, every year of his life, but one. My vet, thought he was 7 or 8 years old, when I took him in to be checked, this poor dog had a terrible, cruel life. The rescue group found him in a shelter. He only had 2 days left to live. My son called me, and asked me if I would take him. My son said, he was a very laid back dog, and because, I am old, I wouldn’t be able to chase a puppy around, and Black Jack and I are both old, so we make a good team. The rescue group, were so happy about me taking him. They have a shuttle system. A truck driver, drove him a thousand miles, someone else relayed him to the Border, some one else from BC, picked him up. My son and daughter-in-law, went and picked him up, and brought him to me. The truck driver said, he could have given him to so many people on the way. He is the sweetest old guy, he is much loved, by the entire street. He sits down by the sidewalk and waits for the school kids to come by, he gets petted and lots of attention. It was so funny, he had never seen snow before, he sniffed it, I had to bribe him with a piece of apple, to get him to go down the steps to piddle. He was not the least impressed with snow. This is how smart he is. I also have a cat, so I am opening and shutting the door, for the both of them, constantly, I would forget which one I had let out. However, Black Jack, would get a piece of apple, to reward him, when he did his business. One day, he wanted out, and I thought I had just let him in. I smelled a rat, he didn’t even leave the step, he was conning me, for pieces of apple. I have no idea, how long this went on. He has the sweetest nature, and, I am afraid I have spoiled him too much. The thought, that, if I hadn’t taken him, he would have been put down, makes me sick.

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