First thing: I love Billy the Exterminator! If you are not watching this show I highly recommend it! I love his attitude towards his job. He never wants to kill anything unless there is no choice. Plus if he has to kill things he tries to use non-toxic stuff to do it. He live traps and releases most of the animals he has to deal with rather than killing them this includes snakes, raccoons and alligators.
Second thing: I finally got the Logitech remote set up. The manual said it would take 30 minutes. It was more like 8 hours! My setup included following the instructions step-by-step and getting on to a help forum when some things would not work. Plus I put in a tech support request to Logitech on Thursday and I still have not heard from them. The good thing is that Deb can now watch what she wants with generally clicking one button.
Third thing: our house is large with angles and hallways and a second floor. It is hard for the wireless network to reach everywhere especially given the fact that the router lives in my office which is at one end rather than in the middle. After doing some research I decided to get an Airport Express to extend the network into the living room and upstairs. I had a little glitch setting it up as the computer had trouble picking it up. I got it on the second try. Hopefully we will have strong internet throughout the house now.
Fourth thing: today the Turtle Gardens bus arrived with 8 dogs going to new homes! Stan and Yvette travelled through the night and arrived here around 10 am. The adoptive families came here and picked up their new additions. Congratulations to the dogs and families!
Fifth thing: our house is so different without Gemma in it. Living with dogs who have to be separated for safety reasons creates stress for the dogs and the humans. 
Invariably someone is always where they don’t want to be – they think the grass is greener on the other side of the gate. There is lots of barking which stresses the dogs and the humans. Since Gemma has been gone everything has been quiet, very quiet. We now have a group of dogs who, for the most part, get along with each other. There are a few intolerances like Molly does not want to share the same air space with Sawyer and Sawyer kind of gets on Kiefer and Madison’s nerves. Mostly what we are dealing with though is just puppy/teenager behaviour which, bothers the older ones.
Sixth thing: my Mother has now gone 11 days without a cigarette! Yay Mom! If anyone knows of any great inspirational websites please send me links! I am getting desperate here.
That’s it for today catch you all on the flip side!

One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp

  1. I absolutely love your show………I am a single woman running a campground here in Maine, ( Boyfriend passed away 6 years ago)and I run into a few problems myself………….had critters in my ceiling last year……..Billie, you are the best, and I wish I had one of you running around here………Rickie, you are the best as well………..=Luv you guys…..Missy, Cedar Haven Campground, Freeport ME

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