When I first installed Mobile Me I did it for the iDisk feature. I was having trouble saving all of my documents on a USB stick plus I had over 2 gigs of docs I was transferring on a daily basis and it was getting to be too much. Apple’s iDisk seemed like the perfect solution. And, so it was for about 2 months. Shortly after my trial period ended, iDisk stopped syncing files completely. I did some searches and other users were having the same problem. Apple posted all of these silly and convoluted fixes for this problem that never worked for me. I even chatted with the Apple tech and it still won’t sync. So I was left looking for another solution as I need to make sure I have all of my files everywhere I am.
When I first installed iDisk it took a very long time to get all of my files uploaded from one computer and then downloaded to another. Several hours long. I also had to compress the files in order to upload to iDisk. When I went looking for another solution I chose Dropbox which is another file syncing program that allows you to store up to 2 gb of stuff for free. I cleaned out some of the stuff that I no longer needed, trimmed it down to about 1.7 gb and uploaded to Dropbox. Right away I was impressed with the speed in which Dropbox processed my files. The next step was to set up Dropbox on my other computers which was also amazingly simple. I was very pleased at the speed in which files transferred.
Any files saved in your Dropbox folder are immediately synced across all of your computers if they are on. When you start-up a computer that has been off, a little Dropbox message pops up telling you which files have been synchronized. The synchronization is much more stable and accurate than Apple’s iDisk. On several occasions I would need to email a file I had just saved to my iDisk. I would go to look for it and it would not be there. I would have to wait for a while to appear on the iDisk. This has never happened with Dropbox. All of my files are there immediately after saving and synced immediately.
The only draw back to Dropbox is that you have to pay if you want more than 2 gigs. The next step from 2 gigs is 50 gigs for about $100 per year. I doubt I will ever need 50 gb for my files. It would be great if they had a smaller increment and charge less for it. I think a 10 or 15 gb level would be great for people like me. In the meantime I am busy trying to get as much extra space as I can. Apparently, you can get up to 8 gb by getting everyone you know to sign up for Dropbox. If you are thinking Dropbox might be for you let me know and I will send you an invitation!
Edited to add: Today I worked from home. I needed to connect to the office network so that I could get the most up to date database. Using Back to my Mac (blog to come soon) I connected to my MacMini and navigated to the network and copied the file I needed. I then pasted it into Dropbox and immediately I had a notification that Dropbox was syncing the file with my home computer. Lightening fast and amazing!

2 thoughts on “Dropbox vs iDisk

  1. I used dropbox for a while to share audio files with overseas collaborators. It was pretty smooth once I got used to it. Worked well.

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