I did the 2-month trial of Mobile Me mostly for the iDisk function*. At the end of the trial I signed up for a year – which is approximately $100. Almost immediately iDisk stopped syncing properly for me.** There are other great functions of Mobile Me. You can sync calendars and mail across computers using Apple’s Mail program and iCal. I use Gmail for all of my email and google calendar for my calendaring needs. The ‘find my iPhone’ application would be invaluable if you ever lost your iPhone.

Back to my Mac is a feature that allows you to log in remotely to any Mac on your Mobile Me account. This feature has been indispensible to me since I discovered it. Here is a list of how I have used it over the last month or so:

1. I have logged into my Mac Mini at work and printed a document for one of my staff members. Quite often they will need something from me at the office and the ability to print it remotely is great!

2. I needed to access the database at work and I could not get MS Access to work properly at home*** so I logged on to my work computer and did what I needed to do and saved the results where I could access them.

3. Sometimes I don’t want to sit at my computer in my office moving large numbers of files so I will go to the living room, log in remotely to my iMac and carry everything out on my MBP.

4. Sometimes rented movies don’t transfer properly to the Apple TV – with Back to my Mac I am able to log in and make sure iTunes is still running and manually transfer them again.

I am sure as time goes on I will find more and more uses for Back to my Mac. I know other programs can give you remote access to your computers but they do not come as part of a package like Back to my Mac does. It was relatively easy to set up and indispensable in my opinion.

*More in iDisk in another post.

**I am sure it was a coincidence.

***It seemed to stop working after I updated to Windows 7. I have since fixed the problem.

One thought on “Mobile Me: Back to my Mac

  1. Nice article. Quick question, how were you able to connect to your mac from a PC using the BTMM utility? I just purchased a Mac mini and have a mobileme account for my phone and iPad. I have heard that I can connect back to my Mac mini to share files, but moreso, I would like to connect back to my Mac from my work computer (or even my iPad/iPhoen) so I can run applications, download purchased music/movies, etc… Is this possible? If you have a great resource for instructions, that would be great.



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