Fuck, fuck and fuck is all I have to say. Since coming off of the imuran in November 2009, after it wiped out my immune system, my ulcerative colitis has been slowly devolving. I am now completely flared up which means increased pain, bleeding and mucous. Losing more blood means that my hemoglobin will start to go down. In fact, I felt like it was low and started to take iron. When the sores are open on the inside of the colon they can become infected, further complicating the problem.
I had a doctor’s appointment today and I was hoping she would let me start taking imuran again at the lower dose. She said “No, not on my watch!” Basically she thinks she almost killed me when she doubled the dose so I have to talk to the GI specialist when I see her next week. Imuran is an immune-suppressant and the theory is that it slows down the immune system so it can’t attack attack the colon anymore. The downside is that it takes 6 months to kick in. The question is whether I can take the drug again without it completely wiping out my immune system. At this point, it is imperative that something change because I am spiralling down.
My doctor did put me on prednisone for 5 days. I hate being on prednisone but it will get things under control quickly. It makes me bitchy and more anxious than I already am. My anxiety has been ramped up do to the increased pain. I notice pretty quickly when my anxiety is ramping up. I get muscle spasms in my shoulders and neck and I start to jump at loud noises. I have not had trouble sleeping with the anxiety so far. My sleep will likely be affected while I am on the prednisone but the upside is that I should have a bit more energy. My doctor gave me clonazapam to manage the anxiety and the side effects of the prednisone.
I am hoping that on Monday she lets me re-start the imuran and I am pretty sure I will be booked for a scope –  of both ends. We need to determine if I have Crohn’s disese and then decide what the next round of treatment is going to be. I know one thing for sure I am tired of this and I need to get into remission.

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