• I have decided to live blog my 5 days on prednisone. Prednisone is extremely difficult on my system. I suffer many side effects most of them are not typical*. I don’t starve on prednisone like other people. I will say I am little more interested in food than I have been for a while. Certainly 5 days of being able to eat would be a blessing. I have been subsisting on Ensure and toast with peanut butter. I am not going to count on it though because prednisone kills my stomach.
  • Deb is going to attend another round of Rally-O. She took Sawyer to the last round but he was too young. Deb has already taught Keifer some of the basics so it bodes well.
  • Deb and I managed to transition back to work this week. While I find it a trial to go to work everyday my schedule is flexible enough to accommodate my needs. I also really like working which makes it much easier. I need to make sure I get lots of sleep which really helps. However, this week I had to stay late every day which makes for really long days.
  • Zoe’s little head is all better now!
  • Piper was a the vet with Keifer for vaccines. We are not big believers in vaccines and we don’t do them every year – especially with our seniors.
    We have decided that we are not able to take any fosters or dogs that are going to die imminently. We have lost 3 dogs in 6 months and we need a break.
  • We also think the dogs need a break. A puppy came a couple of months ago and everyone is ok with him but Molly**.
  • My Mother is now on day 16 of not smoking. She is hanging in there!

Not much more to add at this point. For the next couple of days blogging may be sparse but I will everyday!

*I know there are way worse drugs. Chemotherapy comes to mind.

**Molly is 21 years old and she has decided she does not want to share the air with Sawyer.


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