My doctor started me on another course of prednisone. I have always had trouble taking it. I suffer horrible side effects – my anxiety goes through the roof. I sweat. I cry I am miserable.

It has been a long time since I was last on prednisone. When I finished up at the end of May 2008 I was so relieved. I was hoping to never, ever take it again. Of course that plan went out the window when I was taken off of imuran in November.

Last Thursday, my doctor put me back on a short course of prednisone – 50 mgs for 5 days. I started it on Friday. One of the things that brought me to the doctor last week was my burgeoning anxiety. My pain ws not well-controlled and I was starting to see the signs – extreme fatigue, crying easily, jumping at loud noises, headaches and muscle spasms. She gave me clonazepam which helps me a great deal. But then she also dropped the prednisone bomb on me. I agreed to take it, knowing that it would be hard but I thought it would be manageable.

I started it on Friday morning as I wanted to make sue there was enough time for it to clear my system before I went to bed. By the time I got to the office I had begun to sweat and was feeling a tad aggressive. I was so hot everyone else was running around with coats and sweaters.

Yesterday I took it again and began sweating immediately. My shoulders were in spasm and I was on the verge of tears. I went for a massage which was wonderful except I sweated the entire time. I drove with the air conditioning on so that at least I was not sweating in the car. By the time the night was over I was exhausted and in tears.

I have always been a compliant patient. I have done anything and everything my doctors have asked. I have tracked information of my symptoms on my spreadsheets, I have gone for blood tests until I was not sure there was any blood left in me. I have gone to the hospital when told to numerous times. I have taken all of my medication. Until today.

I was so miserable the last 2 days I decided I was not going to wreck my day by taking prednisone. I have an appointment with my gastro doc tomorrow. we will need to discuss alternatives. At this point I refuse to take prednisone unless I am almost dead.


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