Living in Metro Vancouver is quite amusing. People take themselves and their lattes too seriously. Most people would like to deny that winter even exists. Snow is taken as a personal affront and should the temperature go below zero they want to know where they can file a complaint.

Which brings us to Spring. As soon as the sun arrives in March many people break out the shorts and flip-flops. Some people (like Deb) wear shorts all year. The shorts I am referring to are the shorter shorts like the ones people wear in thirty degree weather. It seems like these people never put away their summer clothes. Instead the second the weather is 15 degrees above and not raining they break out the shorts and flip-flops. Now all this is fine while the sun is shining.

As we progress through April and we have more and more sunny weather there are more people in summer attire. Anyone who has lived here for any length of time knows that the weather is variable in April. For example, this April we have seen quite warm temps (low 20s out here in the valley) and much lower temps like today when it was about 8 degrees and pouring rain. We have had major wind storms (at least 4), we had hail and torrential downpours (today). For the dedicated short/flip-flop wearers it is like they do not believe that it is still winter weather so they move quickly from place to place trying not to get soaked. It also seems like they try not to make eye contact because they know they are idiots.

While the weather here is quite mild we still live in Canada people! You need to put away your summer clothes by November 1 and do not take them out before May 1 or else you will look like an idiot when you try to wear your short shorts and flip-flops through the next spring storm.

Edited to add: Oh and just for the record: flip-flops should never be worn by adults. Please buy yourselves a decent pair of sandals!


5 thoughts on “Stupid People

    1. Seriously? Do you at least wear good flip-flops or are they wal-mart specials? What about good sandals like leather ones? But the million dollar question Erika – is are you wearing flip-flops now?

  1. I wear Teva flip flops, so no, not Wal-mart specials 😉
    And no, it is raining, so I am not wearing them today! I wear them all summer as long as it is sunny outside.
    Rob’s flip flops have a built in bottle opener on the sole; not sure what you will make of that!!

    1. Erika, dear Erika, Tevas are not flip-flops! They are sandals and perfectly acceptable.

      About the beer can opener in Rob’s…I am all for multi-purpose items!

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