I wanted to give my old PC away but it had some data on it that I wanted to retrieve. So we went to fire it up last Saturday and nothing came up so I asked Angelina to take it into the local computer shop. I had taken that computer there before and I had found their service to be good and prices to be alright. They said it would be ready in 4-5 days.

On Thursday, day 4, I called. I had been used to receiving very good service from this shop and thought it odd that I had not heard from them. I ended up in this bizarre exchange with a somewhat robotic-like talking head (RLTH):

Me:    Hi, it’s me calling I am wondering what’s up with my computer?
RLTH:    We haven’t diagnosed it yet.
Me:    How come? It’s been there for 4 days.
RLTH:    We have been hit with a lot of priority machines which moves others behind.
Me:    What? My machine has been there for 4 days that hardly seems fair.
RLTH:    Well if you want you can pay an extra $20 and your machine will become a priority machine.
Me:    What? You want me to pay an extra $20 after my computer has been sitting there for 4 days?
RLTH:    Yes, if you want it to be a priority machine.
Me:     (feeling like I am caught in an anti-service loop I ask) How many more machines are in front of mine?
RLTH:    About 5.
Me:     So feasibly you will have looked at my machine by tomorrow then?
RLTH:    Unless more priority machines come in. We can bump your machine up to a priority machine if you want to pay additional $20.
Me:    No I am not going to pay $20 more after it has already been sitting there for 4 days. Call me when you know what is wrong with it.
RLTH: I will. Have a nice day.

I was infuriated! How could they offer such horrific service! Stay tuned for part 2.


2 thoughts on “I am so done with PCs

  1. Wow, that is unbelievable. Instead of “priority machines,” why don’t they call it what our really is: “people who were willing to bribe us to jump the queue”?

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