The Quote

This is the quote they provided me with. Remember, I wanted them to build a refurbished system using as many of my parts as they possible could. To recap they could have used:
1. The power supply
2. The 250 gb Western Digital hard drive
3. The 500 gb Seagate hard drive
4. Ram
5. Video card
6. TV tuner card

They did add the parallel card and the modem card. However, for some odd reason, they want to put the video card in when there was already one on board? Plus the slots were limited in this case and I had expressed an interest in having the TV tuner card installed. I am not even sure the guy who did it was even listening to me!

Then the kicker! They were going to charge $100 an hour to transfer data! How hard can it be? You plug-in some cables and start it. Why on earth would they need to charge so much!

After looking at the quote, I decided I didn’t want to do anything with it at all. I wanted my data off of the drives though. I asked them if they could dump the data on to a 1 terabyte drive. He said yes they could. I asked how much the drive would be and he quoted a price and then added: “$45 for a case.” He then said what they do is sell internal drives that are then put into cases in case you wanted to put them in your computer at some point. I advised him that I would not be doing this and I preferred just to pay for an external drive. Apparently, they don’t sell regular external drives!

Then there is the terms and conditions. I have never seen anything like it. Especially the fact that they add 3% if you pay with a credit card! Plus a re-stocking fee? It is absolutely ridiculous.

Finally, I told him that I would do nothing more with them and to get my computer ready and I would pick it up on Saturday. One more installment to come!


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