I often have little blog themes that trip through my head. Often they are not enough to write a whole blog about but, nonetheless, they are important to me. I have no idea when this blog will actually be published. Probably once I think I have enough things. I am starting this on May 8, 2010.

  • I love going to bed at night. In fact I think it is the thing I most enjoy in my day. We keep our bedroom very cold – in the winter we have an open door, windows and a ceiling fan. In the summer we have an air conditioner. It feels so great to get into the cold sheets. Usually Deb has gone up first and she will turn on my heating pad or my electric blanket so I get the lovely contrast of hot and cold. Some nights we cuddle and most nights we talk about the adventures of our day or work out something that has been niggling at us. We have Piper and Zoe who both like to cuddle with us, usually pressed up hard against one of us.
  • Deb and I spent the evening together watching old Law and Order SVU. We sat with the dogs, we ordered food in for dinner and enjoyed each other’s company. We were supposed to go out to an event but I am still not recovered from the colonoscopy on the May 10. I am taking iron to try to get my energy up plus I am on higher thyroid medication so hopefully that will kick in soon. Low thyroid causes fatigue. We don’t often get a chance to be together and watch TV.
  • I love driving home listening to music. Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows that music is one of my most important self-care techniques. I have a great place list going right now. I have music from the 1970s (Styx), the 1980s (Pet Shop Boys), 1990s (Richard Shindell) and the 2000s (too many to mention but Timbaland stands out). Music has been central to my mental health since I got my first record player. Actually, it goes back even further to listening to Jim Croce on my mother’s 8-track tapes. I can remember waiting anxiously for them to play Seasons in Sun by Terry Jacks. The most important music I can remember listening to the most was Fleetwood Mac, Queen and Supertramp. I am not sure I would have gotten through adolescence without them.
  • I love to watch our dogs play. Right now Zoe and Sawyer are the main attraction. They play for long periods of time. They don’t bark or growl they just play.

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