I am having extremely frustrating and contradictory problems with the Back to my Mac. I have a mac mini and Back to my Mac had been working with an older router no problem. All the hardware stayed the same and then Back to my Mac  ceased working on the mini. I bought a new router a cisco WRT610. It worked a couple of times and then stopped with the same error about it needing NAT or universal plug ‘n play. I brought in an Airport Extreme and set it up as part of the existing network. I tried to get Back to my Mac to work and it said that there were 2 devices using NAT and to disable one. I disabled the NAT setting on the Airport Extreme and Back to my Mac still did not work stating that it needed a router with NAT. I cannot figure out where the NAT settings are on the cisco router. I configured the Airport Extreme in every way possible – an extension to the network, a bridge, on its own as a network and I could not get Back to my Mac to work. I can set up the Extreme as the office’s router but I don’t really want to do that. Any Mac experts out there have any idea on how to solve this bizarre problem?

I am noticing a trend with Mobile Me services: they seem to work for a while then stop. I had the same problem with my iDisk. See here, and here. I am beginning to think that Mobile Me is a serious dud. The two main things I have wanted on it have worked for a short time and then they stop. I am going to have to see what Apple has to say about it.


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