Modern Dog” is magazine devoted to the owners of urban dogs or as they call it: “The lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions.” It has been around for quite a while. In fact, we were at the launch of the magazine when Deb first started to work at the shelter. Recently, I had a chance to look at a copy of the magazine and I was astounded by some of the stuff in there. So, I thought I would ‘deconstruct’ some of the advertisements and articles as a new series on the blog.

One of the first, full-page advertisements for a dog supplement made with a Reishi mushroom and green tea. The ad claims that the Reishi mushroom to help promote and strengthen the immune system, can help and prevent cancer, promote liver health, scavenge free radicals and “overall provide longevity and well-being.” I am surprised it can’t also toilet train and make your dog behave perfectly in every situation.

Seriously, I don’t think any fungus is going to be able to do all of that for any living creature. Dogs are carnivores. They eat meat. They don’t eat mushrooms and they certainly don’t drink green tea. The best thing you can do for a dog is to feed it a species appropriate diet. Dogs really don’t need supplements if they are fed properly.

Much like livestock, dogs have been fed things they were never meant to eat like corn. If you look at a bag of average kibble you will see corn listed as an ingredient. When you feed an animal something there bodies are not meant to eat you are going to see an increase in diseases.

Raising a happy, healthy dog requires a few things. First, they need a healthy diet. Much like humans, dogs need to eat a varied diet. For the most part, a raw diet* is best for dogs. I also believe that feeding human food, even the odd bit of kibble and canned (which, is like junk food for dogs) is even better as it keeps their digestive systems healthy and responsive. Second, dogs need boundaries. Like children, dogs need to know what is expected from them. For some, this can translate into the ‘alpha’ role which, is basically setting boundaries. If the humans in a dog’s life don’t do it then the dogs will which, can lead to all sorts of problems like aggression, separation anxiety and  other undesirable behaviours. Third, of course, is love. Dogs need unconditional love and positive reinforcement.

My advice, instead of spending your money on questionable supplements by your dog a new toy and play!

*In my opinion after much research and experience.


2 thoughts on “Deconstruction of “Modern Dog’

  1. I’m curious about your opinion on the best food for cats. Should cats be getting a raw diet too? (I know you are a dog expert, but I believe you have a cat as well, right?)

    1. Raw is also best for cats, even more so than dogs. However it is very difficult to switch cats. We have not been able to switch ours. Unlike dogs who can do for a couple of days (and longer) without eating cats cannot. More than 24 hours without eating and they can begin to develop fatty liver – which, can be fatal. If I got a very young kitten I would start it on raw. Our cat is also seriously into her kibble so she would not adapt well to no kibble. She screams at me if there are less than 17 pieces there! If you were to try to convert a cat I would start with ground raw and move up to raw meaty bones. There are sites out there that can guide you through it. If you need help let me know!

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