Tonight, when I phoned my mother, she promptly gave me shit for sending her an email asking her to let us know what she wants made for her freezer while we are in Radium. The kicker is she whined 2 weeks ago that no one had asked her yet what she wanted and she thought we were coming there to rest and relax. I am not in a particularly good humour today and I gave her crap telling her that she was the one who asked me to ask her in the first place.

Very fucking frustrating to say the least. She decided to bitch about this today because she has exhausted herself trying to get her 3 lot property in the interior of BC, in the fucking mountains, to look like a show home with roses, geraniums and every other kind of flower that is not indigenous to the area. Meanwhile, she wages war with the skunks and the gophers. Once again she is in a foul mood and tired and I asked her if she enjoyed what she was doing. She said she enjoyed the result. I then suggested she slow down lest she get herself in trouble*. She acts as though I am an idiot and have no idea how much work it takes to maintain it. She says she really likes it when people come down the end of her road and admire her gardens. I am growing weary of the games.

*Exhaustion, dehydration and smoking a cigarette come to mind.


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