• Molly is improving greatly. In hindsight, I think she had a virus. Zoe had been coughing the week before, although not as much as Molly. Zoe’s cough resolved in about 5 days. Molly’s has taken a little longer. She is 21 so I think we can cut her some slack. I am happy she has antibiotics just in case she got an infection as a result.
  • My mother is freaking pissing me off. She is doing a bunch of yard work and she is miserable. She has some pretty fucked up ideas like you can’t pay people to do things without helping them or they won’t work as hard. She is 73 and just got out of the hospital. Then, of course, because she is miserable she thinks everyone else should be too. So she starts to give me a hard time about my colitis and how bad it is right now. She informs that she can’t support me*, I wasn’t asking. And then goes into her usual diatribe about diet and exercise and says: “Do any of these doctors ever talk to you about diet and exercise?” In her world all of my problems would be solved if I would just lose weight. She once told me the only reason I was a lesbian was because I was fat and that if I lost weight I would find a man. She is wrong, wrong, wrong. I still maintain that what I told her 20 years ago is true. I believe that she will only love and respect me when I weigh 125 pounds. No other achievements seem to matter, not education nor job title. I give up.
  • Deb bought me a ‘Billy knob’ for my car. Plus it is red to match my car!
  • My new gastro doc called me last night at 8pm and talked to me for 40 minutes! We negotiated about medication she wants me take something that has given me bad side effects in the past. She had some ideas about how to mitigate those effects so I agreed. She also agreed to let me go back on immune suppressant drugs as long as I do weekly blood tests. Hopefully all of this will start to get my 70 cm** of diseased, inflamed and bleeding bowel. Hopefully this will stop the progression and actually lead to some healing.

*She has told me on many occasions that I would have nothing to worry about etc. Plus she has more money than god.
**Which is like almost a freaking metre!!!

Now, for some gratuitous dog pictures!

Molly who is on the mend
Sawyer 'the little man.' He is a great, great dog!

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